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Italian Jewels Graphics
Icons and..so much more
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13th-Jun-2005 12:33 pm - AFFILIATES!
Celeb --> Lady GAGA
Current list of affiliates

2thousand3 iconperfect whisper_of_pink lafemme_icons bruisedrainbows monaiyra silentchaos sweetnisse suiteblue colorfilter ddollcreations photographis ohpaintbrush caughtmoments _blisse __limeshadow entrata geeksinthepink __valiant lavinia chouchoune ceiletoile iconmodels bellasui cuethestrings just_sway cherishrose trendy__icons lostdographics icons_by_ashley greatestlove__ model_graphics her_glow incarnatus sunglasses_ roses_thorns dancemein nightfall_icons whoaicons_ iconia_moda haute_amour _laceparasol __sugarkisses__ basilico, goodnight_grafs notley_abbey rocker_graphics fading_melodysimplelimit pennylaneicons houseoficons _jollyholiday intoyourmind _tigicons iconistas frozen_charms loveaffairicons _ljdirectory_ lluvya_graphics raptureicons misty_hues rubyredicons upics brightest_light nellenoir capture_dreams spiritevolution vintageous _maven _hushed_art kliks_graphiks personified over__indulged simple_numbings _thepleiades depperte davidandgillian cosmosis_icons desertfireicons littlewomenfans pw_graphics k8graphics lipglossing ale_sophia all_graphics idol_iconized unfinishedcoke oohbisou thebaseplace mindyourhead_ss brokenroad__ weapon_icons stock_icons acrylique_icons aria_icons inthemorningsun barefacedx asya_17 glazedgloom saharaam dreamsquare pullyourtangles camarastilettos captivatiions superbeicons angelfish_icons leia06graphixs operatore pushtheshift le_fetish chamomillea violet_gem resourcelove x_tangomecrazy crazysis belle_reine drownmeinhearts pixelmajic goldlighticons teh_lj_graphics romantic_wishes la_guinevere cardcaptur mar_upics padlockk

as of Jan. 2009

If you want to be an affiliate, please leave a comment providing the name of your community.

We will add you asap.


P.S. Since we will accept anyone, no matter what, please ADD US FIRST so we won't have to remind anyone to add us back! If you won't add us first you won't be added!

Not adding any more affiliates @ the moment, sorry..

P.P.S. If your icon journal/community gets deleted, if only momentarily, it'll be removed from this list. If it gets renewed and you wish to have it affiliated again, please leave another comment. :)
13th-Jun-2010 12:04 pm - WELCOME!
Celeb --> Lady GAGA
Welcome to italian_jewels, a graphics community maintained and moderated by mariarita.

Here you'll find any kind of goodies: from icons to FO banners, headers, wallpapers, textures...
They are all made for you to use but credit is required. It's only a matter of respect in the end!

Membership is moderated so you will have to be granted permission to join before you will be able to view our graphics/memories and get access to everything we offer.

You can be sure we won't disappoint your expectations...BUT you HAVE TO abide by the rules, just like in any other community!

If you want to, REQUEST TO JOIN!


There's a chance you won't be accepted because we will be careful about who we will choose to add.
If your request is denied, then it might be because:

- You don't credit your icons, fo banners, headers...anything (that's also called stealing)! If those are YOUR OWN icons, CREDIT them too (I DO!), because for Christ's sake...nobody has a crystal ball!!!! lol

- You are a well known graphics thief (*shakes head*)

- You've already been removed in the past coz you don't follow our rules (*shakes head some more*)

- Your userinfo looks "suspicious" (basically, I follow my instinct here! lol)

- Your account is just a few hours/days old (aka it's suspiciously NEW)

- You are member of an icons sharing/stealing community (ewww! bleah!)

- Your journal is pretty much dead, meaning there are no posts/comments..nothing!

- Yours is not a real journal; you have friended only graphics communities/journals

Well, try your luck...

...and thanks for stopping by...

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