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italian_jewels's Journal

Icons and..so much more

Italian Jewels Graphics
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Welcome to Italian Jewels, a graphics community maintained and moderated by Rita and Jewelles. The reason behind the name of this community? Well...I, Rita, am from Italy...and my friend's lj name is Jewelles, so..we mixed these things and got the original name we were looking for. :)
We will be posting any kind of graphics: icons, banners, headers, wallpapers...and there'll be tutorials posted too, every now and then.

All icons/tutorials posted will be archived both in tags and memories under the appropriate category, so you can easily track down anything you need featuring your favourite tv show, movie, fashion photoshoot, celebrity, stock photography...

The community has MODERATED MEMBERSHIP, meaning you'll have to be granted permission to join and view/use our graphics.
If you want to be part of it, make sure you abide by the rules!

--> Give proper CREDIT to our work. It's only a matter of respect for taking our personal time and make things that others might want to use. We DO work HARD on the graphics we make so we'd appreciate to be recognized for our efforts! You should credit the graphic maker or the community in keywords/comments if you use our icons or in your userinfo/Friends Only page if you use our banners/headers.
--> COMMENT when taking any kind of graphic. We want to know what people like/don't like, plus, if you have time to take something you should have have time to let us know you did. And comments are always LOVE! ;)
--> DON'T HOTLINK!!! If we run out of bandwidth and our graphics aren't viewable anymore we won't re-upload them.
--> Do not edit any graphics unless we specify that they can be taken for customization.
--> DO NOT cause any kind of DRAMA. You'd be banned!
--> DO NOT take our graphics to be posted on GJ, Xanga or Myspace!
--> DO NOT CLAIM our icons/graphics as your own!
--> Posting rude comments just to provoke us and get a reaction/test our patience/cause unwanted drama will get you banned and your comments will be ignored and deleted.

-- to be added --

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